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for the record …

Kelly Finn

lead singer
audio/percussion production

Took lessons at the Milton Mann Accordion Studio in Culver City after door-to-door salesman recognized 9-year-old's hidden talent

Played clarinet so well, grade school music teacher dug up long-lost alto clarinet just for him

Switched to tenor saxophone; played in high school jazz ensembles and rock bands

Discovered electric guitar; started writing songs

Formed progressive rock band; recorded original tunes; sent five or six tapes to record companies; quit part‑time job to await royalties

Played guitar with avant-wacko jazz band Halfway to Cleveland; improvised music encrypted in random newspaper articles

Janet Hansen

backup singer
audio/video production

Brought home rented violin in fifth grade; encouraged to practice "in Carnegie Hall" or "anywhere else"; once took a lesson from Mrs. Grantham in Grand Junction, CO

Moved to roach-infested single on Venice boardwalk where many neighbors were rock, jazz, or classical musicians; inspired to buy cheap Yamaha steel‑string guitar; practiced like crazy until guitar was stolen by burglar; musician neighbor bought replacement

Heard recording of Sabicas; took flamenco lessons on steel-string while making lay-away payments on nylon‑string flamenco guitar; practiced like crazy; signed up at Musicians Contact Service; could not find band seeking fledgling female flamenco guitarist

Bought electric guitar; went on many dead-end auditions

Finn and Hansen met at guitar audition for Santa Monica College Jazz Band; started two-guitar cover band with drummer and bassist; played dive bars and clubs in LA, CA's Central Valley, Oregon, Alaska, and British Columbia

Started all-original band Walking Upright; Hansen switched to bass; with drummer Bill Adams, played LA clubs and released vinyl single Timecard Zombie

Started original band The Ants Will Love It; played LA clubs, got some good reviews, released Start in the Middle CD; got airplay on CA college radio

Quit dayjobs and spent three months driving old Isuzu Trooper down east coast of Mexico to Yucatán peninsula and back through Chiapas and Oaxaca

Returned to LA broke; got evicted; found new dayjobs and apartment; recorded Rumba Mutt CD in tiny living room

Walking Upright
Walking Upright
The Ants Will Love It SoundCloud audio
The Ants Will Love It
Rumba Mutt SoundCloud audio
Rumba Mutt

and now …

I Hardly Think So